"Die Teedose" has a long lasting experience in the tea trade. Our close co-operation with reputable and reliable suppliers assures purchases of freshest teas at fairest prices. "Die Teedose" was founded in 1967 with the intention of providing our clientele with the finest teas available.


Know how
Direct imports, We guarantee consistent high quality and safety of our products through permanent contact with planters in the countries of origin. Organoleptic evaluation of: taste, smell, color, appearance, dry and infused leaf, cup

• Original tea chests and cartons
• Sacks from 12,5kg to 25,-kg
• pillow bags from 1,- to 5,-kg
• Customised packages in 4-adjustable edge sealing bags
from 100 grams to 500 grams
• Special packaging concepts from 2 - 7 grams (no teabags)

Black and green teas
Loose leaf teas available from all origins and leaf grades

Fruit teas
Various types of blends of fruits

Herbal infusions
Blends of herbs and blossoms also flavoured and mono-herbal teas

Other infusions
Roibush, Honeybush, Lapacho, Mate etc.

Flavoured teas
Flavoured with natural and nature identical flavours (liquid and granulated) according to customers demand.

Customised teas
Development of blends (leaf tea blends, flavoured teas, fruit and herb teas) to customer specifications in accordance with market demand.

Decaffeinated teas
decaffeination by high pressure COČ

Tea specialities
Speciality teas of all kinds; rare teas from China, India and Japan such as special green and white teas, Oolongs and many other traditional Far East tea specialities.

Organic teas
Products from certified organically cultivated gardens in compliance with EU Regulations

Knut Marthiens
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